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Discover Chinatown JKD

This course was created to preserve the legacy of the material taught to our teachers by Bruce Lee. It is a unique opportunity to learn and master the techniques and strategies taught during the Los Angeles Chinatown-era of Bruce Lee's art.

Sifu Tim Tackett & Sifu Bob Bremer

The "Old School" Way!

Learn Original Chinatown Jeet Kune Do techniques handed down by 1st and 2nd generation students of Bruce Lee with our "one-of-a-kind" step-by-step training program. Access fundamental to advanced techniques of authentic Chinatown-era Jeet Kune Do as taught by Tim Tackett, Bob Bremer and Jim Sewell.

Now you too can learn the arsenal of Bruce Lee and his Chinatown-era Jeet Kune Do that made this simple yet sophisticated art famous for it’s devastating effectiveness.

Why Learn From JKDLessons.com?

  • Pure Techniques!

    A lot of Jeet Kune Do taught these days are “watered down” material without regard to the founding principles of the founder, Bruce Lee. Through these lessons you will have access to this material in its purest form, not to confine us but to liberate us, to share with others what we have learned, and to discover your personal expression of Sijo Bruce’s art

  • Top Notch Instruction!

    By Authorities In Chinatown JKD – Learn Chinatown JKD from Sifu Jeremy Lynch and Sifu D.M. Blue, both certified Senior Full Instructors under Bob Bremer, Tim Tackett and Jim Sewell (Bob and Jim are direct students of Sijo Bruce Lee)

  • Hours of Content

    This is a unique training program containing over 100 video modules (over 30 hours of lessons) distributed over 3 different levels.

  • Linear, Progressive Curriculum

    The order in which you learn the material of Chinatown JKD greatly affects the time it takes for you to make it your own. Learn the techniques in the exact lesson format you would receive as a private student of Chinatown JKD

  • Multiple Ways to Learn!

    Watch it anytime on your mobile, tablet or your computer! If you’re old-school, you can also get ALL the lessons in DVD format.

  • Beginners Welcome!

    Have you always wanted to learn Bruce Lee’s art of Jeet Kune Do? We use a step-by-step developmental process with a logical linkage between lessons that will take you from a rank beginner to a functional fighter.

  • Get Functional!

    Access dozens of Chinatown JKD exercises and drills to develop and enhance your stand-up game instantly!

What our members are saying:

By far the best JKD videos I have ran across. The details on them are what separates them from the rest. Very detailed in presentation and each successive module builds upon the last with a solid progression. I would recommend this series to everyone with a desire to understand JKD.

- Dan Joines

I love that there are progressive drills to improve skill in the curriculum's various techniques and tools. This is not only a very effective program to learn JKD skills but also one of the most fun training programs I've ever used!

- Caleb Terray

I’ve LOVED the material on JKDLessons.com and is presented MUCH better than most other resources I have used. Great work guys!

- Dan Sorber

I own a lot of videos about JKD from various instructors. These online videos have probably the most clearly defined instructions for what is being demonstrated.

- Buddy Masters

I feel like Bruce Lee everytime i watch Jeremy Lynch, Steve Resell and Dennis Blue. Very thorough instructions. It is really an inside on Bruce Lee's thoughts. Nice music, quality video. Thanks guys! Glad to have joined you! Highly recommended! 

- Fernando Antunes

I have bought many JKD videos over the years, some of them quite good. However, they have never held my attention for to long, even when the level of tuition had been excellent. With JKD Chinatown, not only has is the level of teaching expertise demonstrated surpassed anything in JKD I had seen before, but it has been organized in a progressive manner.

- Keith Foster

It delivers a clear, logical comprehensive training plan to follow which helps with staying focused and on track…

- Tony Caro

From a pedagogical perspective-segments are short enough to hold attention, they blend theory and praxis with clarity, and they build on progressions. Overall, an excellent teaching style!

- Rick Poce

The videos are done just as it would be in class. The instructors are top notch and care about their students who may be too far to train personally with them!!!

- Elias Bosch

This Is The Next Best Thing To Being There “Live” And In-Person!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.How Do I Sign Up As A Member?

    A.You can get access all of our lessons by choosing one of the membership levels above. Once you’ve have placed your order, you will get immediate access to all of that level’s material.

  • Q.What are the necessary system requirements to view the lessons?

    A.You must have a broadband connection. The lessons are compatible with PC (Windows), Mac, and smartphones and tablets. If you can watch Youtube with your platform, you can watch these lessons.

  • Q.How much do the lessons cost?

    A.Please click through to each corresponding page (per level) for the latest prices. There are currently over 30 hours of concise instruction spread over 3 levels.

  • Q.Once I become a member of JKD lessons, how long will it be in my library for?

    A.Once you’ve purchased the lessons, it will be available in the member’s area for unlimited viewing, forever.

  • Q.What’s the difference between the JKDLessons.com and other online courses?

    A.The lessons in the JKDLessons.com is structured to be a progressive curriculum and designed to accelerate the learning process of Chinatown JKD. It is the first online video training course on Chinatown JKD. If you have ever wanted to learn authentic Jeet Kune Do, this is for you.

  • Q.Can I receive an instructorship by watching the videos?

    A.While we offer video evaluations for undergraduate ranks (student rank). You can not receive an instructor rank through video evaluations. All instructor candidates must go through the appropriate channels and got through an application process along with attendance of our instructor development programs. Please contact us for more details.

  • Q.Is there a limit to how often I can view each lesson?

    A.No. You have unlimited viewing capability.

  • Q.Is there a monthly fee?

    A.No, there are no monthly fees or contracts. Each level is a one-time payment.