The Video Curriculum

The Chinatown JKD curriculum as presented on includes 3 levels, with the introductory course starting with Level 1, then graduate on to Level 2 and Level 3. As a member of, you will have the opportunity to learn each level just like you would experience it when learning this curriculum directly from Chinatown JKD instructors.

Once each level has been completed (and the minimum time requirement has been met), you have the opportunity to submit your Level 1 Qualification Test via video where a Chinatown JKD instructor will review your video and evaluate your performance.

If your performance is up to the standard of the Chinatown JKD Association, you will be presented with your Level 1 certificate of completion.

This process repeats itself for each Level.

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Level 1 Course

Level 1 course brings you the fundamentals of Chinatown JKD. It consist of 25 individual lessons varying in “teaching length” of 25 – 45 minutes.

This material is comprised of curriculum passed on to us by Sifu Bob Bremer (which is the material taught at Sijo Bruce Lee’s Chinatown JKD school; and the material passed down to use by Sifu Tim Tackett of the Redlands Garage Group who learned the original JKD curriculum taught at Sigung Inosanto’s original “backyard school” as well as the “Closed JKD group” at the old Kali Academy.

Each lesson is broken down into 3 – 4 modules. Each module cover new techniques, principles and drills required for the Level 1 certificate. As you master these techniques, you will be introduced to isolation sparring drills and combinations.

By mastering all the materials presented in this course, and in the Level 1 qualification test manual, you will qualify to be tested for your Level 1 certificate, and graduate to the Level 2 curriculum.

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Level 2 Course

The Chinatown JKD curriculum is vast, and in the Level 2 curriculum you will be introduced to many more advanced techniques and principles. The Level 2 course will use the same lesson format as in Lesson 1 where each lesson will be broken down into multiple modules, which includes the explanation of techniques along with drills to ingrain the proper structure and feel of Chinatown JKD.

Some of the material you will learn (but not limited to) are: advanced footwork; the 5 ways of attack; sensitivity training; “historical” techniques and sets; sensitivity training; broken rhythm; sparring drills and much more!

Upon completing the Level 2 Course, you will be presented with the opportunity to graduate to the Level 3 course by completing the Level 2 Qualification Test.


Level 3 Course

Once you have graduated from Level 2, you will qualify to move on to the Level 3 curriculum. The Level 3 course is significantly more complex than the Level 2 course; and you will focus a lot of your time on making your techniques work in a sparring environment.

This level will begin your journey towards becoming an instructor in Chinatown JKD and is the level, where after completion, you may receive the opportunity to qualify for the “Apprentice Instructors License” by the Chinatown JKD Association.

While you will be presented with the entire Level 3 curriculum, the highest rank you will receive from is the Level 3 Certificate of Completion. Upon receiving your Level 3 certificate, you will be invited to participate in an “Instructors Camp” to test for your “Apprentice Instructor License” at either the Chinatown JKD headquarters in California, or at a sanctioned Chinatown JKD Association event.

Because of your level of dedication to the art of Chinatown JKD, we will allow you to participate in the instructors camp at no charge (other than travel and living expenses). During the camp you will be continually evaluated and tested on all aspects of Chinatown JKD including technique, principles, history and philosophy (all of which will be available to you through the

Upon successful completion of the camp and evaluation, you will personally be awarded your Instructors License by a senior official of the Chinatown JKD Association.