Study Group Video Application!

Thank you for sending in the initial application!

The 2nd step of your application is to create a short 5-minute video and upload it to either Youtube (be sure to set the video to “unlisted”) and provide us with the link; or by uploading it to Dropbox and sharing it with us.

If you don’t have a dropbox account, you can get one for free here:

Note: If you choose the Dropbox option, let us know so we can give you the information you need to share your video with us.

About Your Video

The introduction video is extremely important for your eligibility as a Chinatown JKD study group. It must include the following:

  • Introduction: This needs to be a short on-camera video (where we can see you in the video) where you include the following information: your name, prior martial arts training, what your training objectives are (goal of training in Chinatown JKD), and what your ideal training partner would be like
  • Training Area Overview: Please shoot a simple video (in a continuous shot) with the street view (i.e. no cut-aways or other effects) and a quick overview of your neighborhood from your sidewalk (since this will be used for potential students to locate your training area); the path from the side walk to the actual training area.¬†Once inside your training area (garage, backyard etc), show a 360 degree view of the training area and also the necessary training equipment in your video as well.

Note: This does not have to be a high quality production, a simple video using a flip camera or your digital camera is sufficient.