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  • Learn Authentic Chinatown JKD! Get access to a “one of a kind” training program using our interactive training system (over 25 lessons and 15+ hours of instruction in Level 1 curriculum alone!)
  • Pure Techniques – A lot of Jeet Kune Do taught these days are “watered down” material without regard to the founding principles of the founder, Bruce Lee. Through us you will have access to this material in its purest form, not to confine us but to liberate us, to share with others what we have learned, and to discover your personal expression of Sijo Bruce’s art.
  • Top Notch Instruction By Leading Authorities In Chinatown JKD – Learn Chinatown JKD from Sifu Jeremy Lynch and Sifu D.M. Blue, both certified Senior Full Instructors under Bob Bremer, Tim Tackett and Jim Sewell (Bob and Jim are direct students of Sijo Bruce Lee)
  • Linear, Progressive Curriculum – The order in which you learn the material of Chinatown JKD greatly affects the time it takes for you to make it your own. Learn the techniques in the exact lesson format you would receive as a private student of Chinatown JKD
  • Beginners Welcome! We use a step-by-step developmental process with a logical linkage between lessons that will take you from a rank beginner to a functional fighter.
  • Self Defense – Learn JKD for self-defense! Get an inside look at our “Core Modules” – strategies for self defense you can use immediately!
  • Hours of Content – The Level 1 video curriculum has over 15 hours video alone (11 DVDs chock full of pure content)
  • DVDs / Streaming Media! – Get your choice of receiving the lessons in: streaming video format from your exclusive members only portal; DVD format – our Level 1 material alone is 11 DVDs; or BOTH (get immediate access to the members area AND get the DVDs shipped directly to your home).
  • iPhone / iPad Compatible – Watch our lessons on your iPhone or iPad (only available if you choose our digital delivery options)
  • For the first time ever, learn all the techniques and nuances required for rank advancement in Chinatown JKD! (Get an inside look at the technical foundation expected at each level)
  • Potential For Advancement In Chinatown JKD! The Chinatown JKD Association has very stringent requirements for rank advancement. Put in the effort and dedication to the program and you can earn the opportunity to receive an accolade held in high regard by the JKD community.
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  • COMING SOON! Member’s Only Forum – Access to Chinatown JKD Mentors to give you advice, guidance and support. (AND share and exchange information with other members!)

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25 Lessons with over 15 hours of video footage.
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Level 1 includes 11 DVDs with over 15 hours of content.
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